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Save Money on Your Mortgage

Install Solar for Free - with Helios

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Changing the Way Solar is Sold

Making solar part of every home in SEA

By utilising the real estate sales engine to sell solar to households, we are the leaders in reaching families in the market. We ensure that every customer is a happy customer with high-quality installations via verified local installers and mortgage-backed solar securities. This is made possible with our strong partnership and fund-raising strategies, currently funded by Wavemaker Impact, SEA's first VC-backed venture builder. 

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Helios Solar is for Every Family 

We aim to put solar panels on every roof in Southeast Asia, and your home is a part of this dream.


We offer no money down, hassle-free solar panels to give you easier access to a better home, by packaging the panels within your home mortgage - installed before you even move-in. 

Money earned from Day 1

With additional income from your solar panels, we make your dream home a reality - helping you cope with rising electricity bills.

Maintenance Included

We remove the extra effort required for you to take care of your panels, doing the job for you and ensuring that you can reap the benefits of solar for years to come. 

How do I get Helios Solar?

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Key in your property purchase details.


Apply for a helios solar mortgage


Our team will get back to you with an offer ASAP

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